In a word Margo Fishler’s first book is ‘cathartic’. If you’re single and dating, you will recognize many of the familiar frogs in, “It’s Not easy Dating Green,1 Girl. 1000 Frogs. 1 Prince.” Ms. Fishler’s first book will put a smile on your face when you discover you are not alone. If you’re out there dating,you’ve already met many frogs. You learn from the negatives, appreciate the positives and take a life lesson for yourself. This witty, supportive andeasy read also makes a great gift for a friend when the pond feels murky. Share the positive lessons learned from kissing the frogs along the way.Whether it is time for you to refresh and lighten your mood or whether you have a friend who is struggling during her dating escapades, you can
put a smile on your faces and know that you are not alone in your dating adventures.
—Mindey Elgart was divorced seven years ago and is currently an attorney mediator and the owner of new hope divorce mediation

It’s Not Easy Dating Green takes an interesting look at “grown up” dating! You’ll probably be reminded of frogs you met pre-marriage as well as be introduced to some you never knew existed! Ms. Fishler’s sense of humor has you smiling and laughing at her adventures! Could she really have gone out with that many frogs – I mean, guys? Ms. Fishler reminds us to enjoy the journey and appreciate the stories generated along the way. Had she met the Prince right away, there would be NO story. It’s Not Easy Dating Green should be in every family law attorney’s reception area for comic relief – both men and women would relate.
- Sheila Brennan, Divorce Coach

Margo’s book is an inspiration to us all who have or are still “dating green”! Her upbeat and insightful view on her dating history helps all of us keep a perspective on rejection and the (sometimes long) search for the right partner! Margo’s right, “it’s not easy dating green” but she illustrates that it can be done, with success in the long run!  This book is sure to be leaping of bookshelves everywhere!

Debi Deutsch, Executive Director , TORCH